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What's in Store?


Prescription Cost Analysis

With our customer focused service we are always looking for ways to save you money.  From optimizing provincial and private plan coverage to suggesting generic alternatives, we are here to keep you and your pocket book healthy.

Injections services

Injections are provided on a by appointment basis including influenza vaccines, Shingles vaccines, and Vitamin B12

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Prescription Medication

Blister packing

Simplify your medications by allowing us to blister pack for you.  Once a month pick up and everything organized for you!


FREE delivery at a time that is convenient for you!


Medication Reviews

An annual review of your lab work, prescriptions and health conditions to identify medication related problems or unnecessary medications.  Suggestions are made to your physician to help optimize you medication therapy and your health.

Minor Ailment Prescribing

Skip the doctor's office or walk-in.  We can prescribe for many minor ailments and provide you with prescription medication to treat your ailment.

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Compression Therapy

We are certified Sigvaris compression fitters with a wide selection of in-stock compression socks and 2 day delivery on custom orders.

Monthly specials

Check out our selection of monthly deals!

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What’s In Store?: What We Provide
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